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Liquor reviews, cocktail recipes, mixology trends, and seasonal ingredients. Includes cocktail tips and info on local whiskey, gin, vodka, beer, and liqueur.

Tea-based Tiki Cocktail

Devin Kidner

Meet the "Teaki," our seasonal tiki drink. 

Despite folks crying out that tiki drinks are a passing fad, they remain popular, especially in the winter, when we're all desperately wanting to be whisked away to some Polynesian Island to where the air doesn't hurt our faces.

Our take doesn't use rum (which generally inspires the tropical feels), but rather mango brandy, which is juicy and sunny. We add complexity with generous amounts of Earl Grey tea bitters, which add astringency and depth, and then balance the sweet and tart with honey and cranberry juice.

Just to keep things light, we add a splash of Season's Soda's maple syrup demi-sec, which adds a zip of bubble along with the earthy, peppery notes of maple.

2 oz @RhineHall Mango Brandy
2 tsp. Earl Grey Tea Bitters
4 oz fresh cranberry juice
2 tsp raw honey
Generous splash of Seasons Soda's Maple Syrup soda 

Shake together first four ingredients without ice first (5-10 seconds), then with ice for another 10 seconds. Pour into a glass with crushed ice, then top with soda. Garnish with plum brandy soaked sour cherries and candied carrots. 

All photos by Brett Calomino.