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DIY Bitters Class Gift Card

Gift Cards

DIY Bitters Class Gift Card


DIY Bitters Class Gift Card


The perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life, this gift card entitles the recipient a ticket to our coveted bitters making class! 

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What makes a cocktail (virgin or with alcohol) ten times better? When it's made with handmade, customised bitters or tinctures!

In this HOLLOW LEG class you'll be learning about the history of bitters & tinctures, how they are used in cocktails, and then, of course, you'll set off to make your own custom bitters by combining your choice of bittering agents, spices/herbs, and fruit! You'll be choosing from locally procured ingredients and take home your creation, a cocktail recipe, and a droppers bottle so you can bitter like a pro!

So in this class you'll:

1. Learn about bitters & tinctures (history, how they differ, and how to combine them into drinks!)
2. Make your own bitters or tinctures (and learn how to best make them at home)
3. Take home a dropper bottle so you can serve your concoction like the hot shot you are
4. Learn tricks of the trade and cool recipes for your amazing bitters
5. Carry a new skill with you on how to drink better in 2016/17

This class is BYOB!