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Corporate Events

Whether you're looking for a fun, interactive team-building event, or you're hoping to impress clients, HOLLOW LEG classes are a great addition to dinner, or a fantastic alternative to it.

Take a look at what we offer and with whom we've done events!


Liquid confidence: Mixology 101

Perfect for groups of up to 50 people, these classes are best over a 1.5 - 2 hour duration (depending on the number of people attending). We'll bring all the necessities, including plenty of mixers and add-ins, and class-goers won't simply make a drink, they'll learn the science + art behind making a drink taste great, and have hands-on experience putting their new-found knowledge to work, creating custom cocktails for themselves!

BONUS: This class can be taught with an emphasis on low-proof (featuring less alcohol) and non-alcoholic drinks that are both interesting and delicious!


Hands on cocktail-making

Popular for any size group (we've done parties of up to 250!), these classes feature cocktail stations
with pre-made recipes and the ability for class-goers to customize each recipe with additional ingredients. We'll walk folks through how to make the cocktails and, of course, hit on the signature HOLLOW LEG art + science behind cocktail-making!

BONUS: These classes can be customized based on the season (edible flowers in the Spring; dry ice in the Autumn, and more)! Non-alcoholic cocktails can be incorporated, too.



Help your team/clients find their spirit animal in this class perfect for any size. In addition to discussing the art + science behind how to taste like a pro; we can talk about the categories of alcohol on a broad sense (i.e. Bourbon v. whiskey); and the history behind the specific brands being served.

BONUS: We can completely customize what spirits are brought - just let us know what you're thinking!