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Liquor reviews, cocktail recipes, mixology trends, and seasonal ingredients. Includes cocktail tips and info on local whiskey, gin, vodka, beer, and liqueur.

Bitters + Tinctures

Devin Kidner

We're thrilled to announce that we sell our hand-crafted bitters and tinctures! 

Now the bitters and tinctures you experiment with during class are for sale on-site - and we're taking online orders. You can check out our current offerings + pricing here.

Scroll down for more information regarding the bitters + tinctures,  as well as a handy pairing guide to help you pick your perfect match!


What are bitters and tinctures?

Simply put, bitters and tinctures are potent flavouring agents usually made from high volume alcohol that add complexity and nuance into cocktails.

We like to call them the "X factor" of cocktails because they usually supply the undercurrent of flavour that piques the nerves and tastebuds in your mouth. Bitters and tinctures are a crucial element to making interesting cocktails that are personalised to your palate!

How do I use bitters and tinctures in a cocktail?

The beautiful thing about bitters and tinctures is that you can use a variety of flavours to achieve your desired outcome.

Let's say you want to add a twist to an Old Fashioned: You can give your drink a bitter, nutty  twist by adding in HOLLOW LEG Black Walnut Bitters or you can make your Old Fashioned a fruity/spicy flavour by combining HOLLOW LEG Tart Montmorency Cherry Tinctures and Black Pepper Bitters. Simply add a couple capfuls of bitters and/or tinctures into your cocktail until you find the right combination for you!

How long do bitters and tinctures keep?

All of our bitters and tinctures are bottled above a 50% ABV (100 Proof), and most are bottled at 75.5% ABV (151 Proof) using grain alcohol. This means the shelf life is pretty indefinite (though we say 1 - 2 years) because ethanol is an antimicrobial agent and the microbes that produce toxins cannot grow!

The best way to store your bitters to ensure they stay the flavour your bought them as is to keep them tightly closed when not in use and out of direct sunlight/heat.

Which bitters + tinctures pair best with the liquor I love?

We're big fans of experimentation, and are always blown away by the curiosity and creativity of adventurous class-goers who throw caution to the wind and toss, say, HOLLOW LEG Coffee Bitters in a tequila cocktail, but as your Cocktail Sherpa, we want to direct you to some flavour pairings that are always solid. Here are our recommendations:


Have any other questions? Ready to take your at-home bar to the next level and add bitters + tinctures to your cocktailing? Interested in sampling before you buy? Drop us a line at and let's find the bitters + tinctures that are best for you!