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Liquor reviews, cocktail recipes, mixology trends, and seasonal ingredients. Includes cocktail tips and info on local whiskey, gin, vodka, beer, and liqueur.

Night Out Drinking: To Uber or Not?

Devin Kidner

Enjoying drinks with friends in the Chicago area is easy to do, especially with the fantastic night life scene here. There are so many different opportunities for having fun in the city and surrounding areas. And when you're adding HOLLOW LEG mixology classes into your events, we want to make sure you arrive and leave safely, and enjoy your best night out!


Any time alcohol is going to be a part of your event, celebration, or get together, it's important that you imbibe responsibly. This means you should be mindful of your body's limits and organize how you'll get from one destination to the next in the safest fashion.

To Uber or Not?

It's easier than ever to procure a transport service with a simple swipe through your cell phone. There are always choices out there for you when it comes to finding a ride in Chicago, so there's no excuse to make an irresponsible decision regarding your transportation.

Ride share services such as Uber and Lyft are usually the first options that come to mind when you're out and about, but is it the best option for a group of passengers?

Sure, ride share services offer larger vehicles like SUV options, but the price can add up if you want to visit multiple destinations through the evening. 

Professional transportation services such as limousine and party bus providers allow you to take advantage of spacious interiors that are easy to move around in and enjoy with a group of friends. When you split the cost between passengers, it's comparable to what you would have spent on a ride share service. During busy events, these types of services can be booked well in advance, so it may require some prior planning on your part if this is the way you want to go. 

Just one night of drinking irresponsibly can lead to consequences that last for years, for yourself and those around you. With all of the options for transportation available to you, it's easy to find an experienced driver to take you around Chicago so you can enjoy your experience without worry or incident. For more information, click here.