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Bitter is Better: Anti-Valentine's Mixology 101

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Bitter is Better: Anti-Valentine's Mixology 101

Unlike our normal Mixology 101 class, this specific class will focus on making bitter drinks like Manhattans and Negronis and will feature spirits like Aperol, Besk, and Fernet. If you don't like bitter drinks, we're okay with that and will have plenty of mixers on hand to make whatever you like.

Not trying to celebrate the day, but still want to eat well? We have dinner recommendations that are close to our venue, too! Check them out here.

Valentine's Day. The only thing to look forward to is 50% off chocolate the day after. #amiright?

This class is for folks who hate the over-glorified day of love and want to instead bask in all things bitter: Grumpy Cat, someecards, and Negroni-style cocktails.

Come and hang out with other folks who hate the commercial "day of love" and play around with four different liquors (whiskey, tequila, gin, and vodka) and a bunch of mixers and bitters to create something as cold as your heart. I'll walk you through understanding the art + science of mixology in its most basic form: exploring flavour pairings, dilution, temperature, mixing, and serving. By the end of class, you'll have the liquid confidence to go forth with Julia Child-like conviction and be an at-home mixologist!

****I'm not about putting baby in a corner: In this class you won't be forced to mix basic drinks that you may or may not be interested in. Instead, you'll be the master of your domain and make something bitter YOU love with your own two hands.****

Whether it's whiskey or tequila. vodka or gin, let's make something bitter this year and say hell to those lovey dovey folks! ;o)