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Bleeding Hearts: Valentine's Day Bloody Mary Class (+ Pierogi!)

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Bleeding Hearts: Valentine's Day Bloody Mary Class (+ Pierogi!)

In this Valentine's Day-edition Bloody Mary class, we're making sure all of your hearts desires are being met. We'll be featuring special garnishes like candied bacon and pierogies, beer chasers, and we'll have a bunch of pierogi (savoury and sweet) to chow down on during class! 

Nothing is more satisfying than a Bloody Mary. Dubbed "the world's most complex cocktail," it's widely regarded as the most difficult cocktail to concoct, largely because beauty is in the eye of the beholder - or ahem - the drinker, and Bloodies can (and should) be created to meet your specific preferences.

In this HOLLOW LEG class, we'll provide an entire bar's worth of Bloody ingredients, starting with a base of freshly made tomato juice made from local tomatoes and vodka, as well as traditional ingredients (lemons, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, horseradish, and celery salt), and the untraditional (kimchi, garlic, bacon, English mustard, and hot peppers), as well as some surprises along the way. We'll also have garnishes on hand to make your drinks go the distance.

As you're creating, we'll teach you about the complexity of the Bloody Mary, touching on the art and science of how we taste, and you'll have two hours to create the Bloody of your dream.

After this class, you'll never want a mass-made Bloody Mary ever again!

Please note that we have three types of tickets available: Tickets for just the class itself, tickets that include a  16oz. (equivalent to 4 Bloody Marys) reusable Ball Jar of your class creation to take home and enjoy for the rest of the day, and tickets that get you an at-home bar kit, complete with Bloody mix you make in class AND a bottle of hand-crafted bitters. Recipe cards will be provided to all!

*Feel free to Bring Your Own Brunch* Don't know where to brunch before/during/after class? We got ya! Here are our recommendations.